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C., although the birth could be several years later or possibly earlier.

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The Star of Betehem could be the brht celestial phenomenon shown in planetariums: 2 planets in conjunction, although the Gospel account of Matthew refers to a single star, not a conjunction.

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By the 4th century, historians and theologians were celebrating a winter Christmas, but it wasn't until 525 that the year of Jesus' birth was fixed.

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That was when Dionysius Exuus determined Jesus was born 8 days before a New Year's day in the year 1 A. The Gospels provide us with clues that Dionysius Exuus was wrong. Humphreys in "The Star of Betehem -- a Comet in 5 BC -- and the Date of the Birth of Christ," from 32, 389-407 (1991), Jesus was probably born in 5 B.

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